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Add a pinch of organic Himalayan essence to your dish- freshly hand grounded by rural women.

Unpolished & Gluten-Free Himalayan Cereals

Indulge in the goodness of organic Himalayan cereals - a nourishing way to start your day!

Himalayan Seasonings
& Spices

Spice up your cuisine with the hand-frounded Himalayan spices - a tantalizing blend of taste and health!

Refreshing & Aromatic Himalayan Teas

Sip serenity with every brew -a harmonious infusion of taste and wellness for your soul!

Unadulterated & Pure
Himalayan Honey

A natural sweetener from the heart of the Himalayas - a pure and healthy indulgence of nature's goodness!

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Wellness That Springs From Himalayan Roots!

Nature's Way, the
Organic Way
Promoting Uttrakhand
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Fostering Rural
Women Farmers
Zero Chemicals &

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Our Story

Once nestled in Uttarakhand’s tranquil valleys, a vision emerged – to harness the pure Himalayan goodness and empower rural women. Under Harshit Sehdev, Himshakti was born, offering organic salts, spices, unpolished cereals, refreshing teas, and more. Our products are cultivated naturally, while fair wages and livelihoods empower our village women, uniting nature’s essence and community spirit.

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