Our journey from a humble beginning of INR 10000 to becoming an internationally known brand.

How it started

In the year 2013 after the Himalayan Tsunami thousands of Uttarakhand’s villages were devastated, one of them was Didsari. Village Didsari lost roads and a bridge that use to connect them to the main road causing immense pain to the villagers. Our founder, Harshit wanted to be the part of the solution which propelled him to team up with the villagers to start a social movement which became successful after two years.


In 2018 Cloe read about Harshit and met him in person. Cloe and Harshit went back to the village and decided to make an impact in the remote villages of Uttarakhand by creating jobs in these areas this led to the birth of Himshakti i.e. power of the Himalayas. Himshakti chose the seasoned salt of the mountains as their first product.


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Selection in IIM Kashipur

In the year 2019, Himshakti was chosen by IIM Kashipur out of 600+ statrtups under RKVY Saksham scheme for incubation and grant support. Currently Himshakti is incubated in IIM Kashipur and IIM Kashipur is our marketing partner as well. There are 15 dedicated interns from IIM Kashipur that are working for-

1) Marketing
2) Unleashing rural potential of India
3) Making Himshakti sustainable

``Hon'ble Governor of Rajasthan inaugurates
India's Pink Salt``

We are the first company in India that has launched India’s pink salt in partnership with Hindustan Sales Ltd & Sambhar Salts Ltd. We heartily thank honorable governor of Rajasthan for his find words for our company

Exclusive partnership with Hindustan Salts Ltd

In the year 2021 we have became the exclusive partners of Hindustan Salts Ltd and launched India’s pink in the online and offline market for the first time.

Our Mission and Vision

1. To empower the farmers and villagers of Himalayan region of India By providing sustainable sources of income to them.

2. To bring to your home the best quality healthy nutritious and pure food products esp from the Himalayan region of India.


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