Five Reasons Why You Must Try The Flavored Salts Of Uttarakhand!


1) Try This Salt For Its Health Benefits

For the preparation of these salts the people of the mountains along with asafoetida, garlic, and black pepper also add some rare Himalayan herbs such as laadu(or Allium Humile). The herb Allium Humile cleans your lungs and arteries and drastically lowers the chances of any heart problems. Both in Ayurveda and allopathy, Allium Humile is a very potent medicine for the heart. Then there is another herb chaura (or Agelica Glauca). This herb Angelica Glauca cleans your lungs boosts your immunity system and can even cure asthma. Along with these herbs, other ingredients such as carom seeds, fenugreek leaves, curry leaves, turmeric, black pepper, etc are well known for their health benefits. Moreover, the salt used is pink Himalayan salt and black salt which are known to contain minerals that are very good for your health.

2. Try This Salt For Its Amazing Taste.

Who says that healthy things cannot be tasty? Try any of our flavours and you will relish the aroma of garlic, ginger, herbs and all other spices mixed in just the perfect ratio. Add it to your salads, top up your fried or boiled eggs or just add it to your barbequed food. The taste is absolutely guaranteed. Any dish along with this flavoured salt is a mouth full of flavours.

3. Try This Salt If You Want To Try An Authentic Ancient Recipe

Yes, this is an ancient recipe. Since ancient times the Tibetans used to come to Uttarakhand. They used to get the pink Himalayan salt and barter it with other things. Ever since that time the people of the mountains have been making these types of flavored salts which also help them to increase the shelf life of other ingredients. Some people say that this very recipe is more than a thousand years old.

4. Try This Salt If You Want To Keep The Cultural Heritage Intact

When you buy this salt you don’t just get health benefits and taste but you are also encouraging the local people to feel proud of their cultural heritage. You are helping them to feel proud of their roots and heritage. With a small packet of flavored salt from Uttarakhand, you also bring invaluable heritage along with you to your homes.

5. Try This Salt If You Want To Help The People Of Uttarakhand Living In The Mountains

Today, Uttarakhand is facing a major problem in the form of migration. Thousands of ancient villages of Uttarakhand are now being termed ghost villages (i.e. villages without people). The main reason for people to leave their village is lack of jobs. When you buy this flavored salt you also support a women’s family who has created this salt for you. She will bless you with all her heart. Yes, poverty is a striking reality of Uttarakhand and when you buy a local product you support local culture and you support a family in need.

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