Introducing the healthiest pink salt of India to you


Himshakti started it’s entrepreneurial journey in the remote Himalayan villages of Uttarakhand. To begin with we were and still are fascinated by the seasoned salts of Uttarakhand that are full of flavor’s and enriched with the goodness of Himalayan herbs and spices. In the earlier times the key ingredient of these seasoned salt that is the pink Himalayan salt use to come from Tibet however after the war of 1962 the trade almost came to a halt. Now the villagers use the common sea salt to make these flavor some seasoned salts. We wanted to bring to you the most authentic recipe along with the best quality of Pink Salt. Our search for the best quality of salt ended in the desert of Rajasthan. Today it fills with pride to introduce to you the healthiest salt of India (perhaps of the world) namely Kshaar salt.

Kshaar is a Sanskrit word which means alkalinity. It was simply a revelation for us to see the Sambhar lake that’s pink in color. Sambhar lake is very popular in India and it is the largest Salt Lake of Asia. You must be knowing about this lake and also must have heard about the Sambhar salt, but you might not be knowing about the pink color of the lake. The pink color is rendered to the lake by the algae formation that takes place on its surface. This algae adds to this lake alkalinity and iodine. Along with this there are more than 80 minerals that have been found on this lake.

While the country is battling the pandemic it’s an absolute need of the hour to eat healthy food that boosts our immunity and keep us protected. Have you ever questioned yourself on why you should be eating healthy salt? Let me answer it for you. When you cook food then no matter what you add salt. You might skip spices but you can’t skip salt. Since you do eat salt with any meal that you intake then why shouldn’t it be healthy? Do you also know that salt is the only food item that nourishes your neuro system. Yes it’s the food for the brain responsible for neuro transmission.

Why are we claiming that Kshaar salt is the purest and the healthiest salt available in the market right now? Here are the reasons :

  1. It’s the only salt that is naturally alkalized (it’s pH value is 9) and naturally iodized (6 ppm)
  2. The brine is dried under the sun (not vacuum evaporated) hence it has the goodness of sun
  3. It’s the only salt in the world that has the pH value of 9

Why is Alkalinity good for you?


Boosts immunity
Prevents heart
Prevents cancer
Promotes weight loss
Is Anti acidity
Improves growth Hormone levels

While we are battling a pandemic, eating healthy is the need of the hour. Hence why not chose the healthiest option available at the most affordable price point?

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