Our Partnership With JW Marriott, Mussoorie


It is said the world is a theatre, and we all have a role to play. This is why it is our duty to identify and perform our roles to the best of our capabilities. Harshit Sehdev, the Founder of Himshakti, has identified the role that he must play in addressing an urgent need in the migration-hit villages of Uttarakhand.

In 2013, severe floods ravaged the Didsari village of Uttarakhand. This unprecedented calamity disrupted 75% of village lands, leaving farmers with no sustainable source of income. Despite being rooted in their soil, villagers in many far-flung villages of Uttarakhand migrate to cities in search of livelihood and employment. Sadly, this results in deserted villages, fertile lands sitting forlorn, and family members hoping for their loved ones to return soon.

Uttarakhand is blessed with rich soil and agro-climatic conditions for the cultivation of aromatic and medicinal plants. The high altitude of the Himalayas not only offers better cultivation but also instills a rejuvenating fragrance and flavor. The picturesque state has immense potential for rich cultivation that can open doors for sustainable livelihood options in remote villages. HarshitSehdev discovered this hotspot for generating employment and converted wastelands to cultivable fields for the production of various health-promoting products.

Harshit, through his innovative idea of Himshakti seasoning salts, is making these villagers self-sustainable and self-reliant. Not only has he impeded the global processed salts market but also empowered the villagers of Uttarakhand. Each seed that is sown in the hills of Uttrakhand now flourishes with the purpose of uplifting the lives of local farmers.

Until now, Uttarakhand farmers were confined to local markets to sell their products, but now with the help of the Himshakti setup, they are finally merging their small farming practices with the big retail market. By implementing an accurate distribution strategy and balance between the price and quality, Himshakti Himalayan salts, having a unique flavor and extraordinary health benefits, have found their place on countless kitchen shelves.

How Himalayan salts are earning their place among ‘healthy’ salts?
This unique variety of salt is derived from natural deposits residing in the Himalayan foothills in the purest form. It is also believed to encompass traces of 84 minerals, which allows it to boast countless health benefits.

Himshakti, the foundation that strives for the benefit of all, has joined hands with JW Marriott, Mussoorie, to dedicatedly bring back the serene Uttarakhand hamlets to life. This joint initiative will closely work on improving farming practices, merging local farming with retail, and saving organic-rich Uttarakhand soil from turning to barren lands.

We believe that customers don’t want a company label, they want transparency and certainty that the salts or spices they are consuming are safe and nutritious. Hence, we intend to establish real relationships with consumers by mitigating conventional farming practices and using the healthiest and safest farming and production options, resulting in 100% natural and healthy products.

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