Himalayan Perilla Seeds - 100 gm

  • No additives, preservatives, anti-caking ingredients, artificial colors or flavors.
  • This is a vegetarian product.


Himalayan Perilla Seeds - 100 gm


Perilla seeds also known as Bhangjeera seeds. Perilla seeds are worldwide famous still on verge of extinction in India, have numerous benefits unutilized and unknown. Himalayan Perilla seeds in India are known for its  traditional value and is often recognized as blessing in disguise. They are best seeds for digestion.

It contains

Unsaturated fatty acids in perilla seed oils is typically over 90%, contains considerably high levels of α-linolenic acid (ω-3 fatty acid) (α–LNA) ranges from 52.58% to 61.98%.

The seeds have good nutritional value, such as ash content 2.2%, crude fiber 23.28%, crude protein 5.12%, true digestibility of the seed protein 82.6%, carbohydrates 18.53%, and minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium etc. Perilla frutescence is higher in ALA content (alpha-Linolenic acid)-containing as much as 60 percent of the healthy fat. Seed’s omega-fatty acid ratio is 6:1 omega-3s to omega-6 fatty acids; that is the highest ratio of 3 to 6 of any known seed. It is known to have all properties which are best seeds for digestion and stomach ailments

Health benefits

  • Lowered Heart Disease Risk,
  • Anti-Depressant Agent and Great for the Brain
  • Increases Immunity
  • Cancer Prevention
  • Effective protection against harsh sunlight.
  • Reduces stomach and intestinal discomforts.
  • Fights against Joint Pain and Inflammation.
  • Great for Asthma, Colds, Allergies, and Bronchitis
  • Effective against infection or swelling
  • Great for Skin
  • Lowers Cholesterol
  • Maintains Oral Health &  Prevents Cavity

5 reviews for Himalayan Perilla Seeds – 100 gm

  1. Anupam Joshi

    Nice product.

  2. Vishal Sharma

    Very good quality seeds

  3. Nilay Diwan

    This is the first time I’ve bought it for consumption. Happy that now it is available online.

  4. Depti Bisht

    i didn’t even know it’s called Perilla seeds. Our vernacular name for it is Bhangzeera. Really happy to find this online.Thank You

  5. Chathresh Bhede

    Quality is good. It’s clean, fresh and well packed.

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