Kshaar Salt 1kg - Healthiest Salt

The Healthiest Himalayan Pink Salt Kshaar is a Sanskrit word which means alkalinity. It was simply a revelation for us to see the Sambhar lake that’s pink in color. The pink color is rendered to the lake by the algae formation that takes place on its surface. This algae adds to this lake alkalinity and iodine. Along with this there are more than 84 minerals that have been found on this lake. It also contains good amount of iron, copper & zinc which is essential for a healthy body. This is good for BP patients as it has low sodium properties and is the Healthiest Alkaline salt

Why are we claiming that Kshaar salt is the purest and the healthiest salt available in the market right now? Himshakti himalayan pink salt price in India is very reasonable.

Here are the reasons :

1. It’s the only salt that is naturally alkalized (it’s pH value is 9) and naturally iodized (6 ppm)

2. The brine is dried under the sun (not vacuum evaporated) hence it has the goodness of sun

3. It’s the only salt in the world that has the pH value of 9 and is the Healthiest Alkaline salt

4. Himalayan pink salt for weight loss

Produced with pride in Sambhar Lake by Sambhar Salts Ltd, India



Kshaar Salt 1kg - Healthiest Salt

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  • Himalayan Pink Salt is carefully produced with the freshest ingredients sourced directly from the Himalayas.
  • No additives, preservatives, anti-caking ingredients, artificial colors or flavors.
  • Each batch of flavored salt is made with fresh herbs and spices.
  • Himalayan Pink Salt is a vegetarian product.

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17 reviews for Kshaar Salt 1kg – Healthiest Salt

  1. Reena Tiwari

    So i got this salt in the crystal form. I really liked the color on the crystals. Earlier I had ordered pink salt in the powdered form but i felt that the pink color in that salt was artificial and even found stoned in it. Each crystal in the salt dissolved easily and to my surprise it got crushed quite easily. It was somewhat nostalgic to use the crystal as this is how we use to buy salt in our days.

  2. Vicky Rawat

    I never knew that such a product is in India. Just that i will prefer it in powdered form for the sake of convinience.

  3. Kalyan Mehra

    I really like the rosy crsytals of the salt. I have started making nimbu paani using this salt after my morning walks. I can feel a difference after using this for 20 days. It takes a while to understand how to use the crystals but it is easily dissloved.

  4. Geeta Sharma

    We were consuming sendha namak but we were concerned about Iodine intake so we had to mix tata namak in it but with this salt we are not concerned about the iodine intake plus it also has minerals and it is alkaline.

  5. Madhu Tonk

    The rosy pink colour makes it look very good. A little crushing is needed before adding it to the food. I crush it on mortar pestle and in this way nutrietns remain intact.

  6. Amogh Jain

    Salt is something that we consume with any kind of food that we eat even desserts hence I think good quality salt is important. I like the fact that this salt has a pH value of 9 which is really good.

  7. Ajay Verma

    Never knew that India had such a great quality salt that is mineral rich. I like it as it comes without any added chemicals

  8. Anamika Mishra

    I found this product really authentic and without chemicals.

  9. Jagriti Saxena

    They say that this is the only pink salt of India hence I went ahead to buy it and it is quite good.

  10. Manisha Rawat

    I received the salt in crystal form, I think the powdered form would have been better. The support team told me that they will soon launch the powdered version too.

  11. Abhishek Rana

    The salt crsytals look really nice and one can clearly feel that no chemicals have been added to this. I like to use this post workout.

  12. Kamal Karwal

    I bought this alkaline water at quite a price and then i found this salt where it was written that the alkalinity of salt is more absorbable than the alkaline water. I never knew that there will be a salt with pH 9 alkalinity and that too from India.

  13. Rammy Babbar

    I really liked the product however the delivery was slighly late but customer care people resolved the issue

  14. Irshad Alam

    I was looking for a perfect salt to cook Junglee maas – an authentic recipe of rajasthan and i believe that the best salt is a very essential ingredient of the recipe and my search ended here. I like the fact that the salt comes in the form of crsytals, after all thats the way we have been using it.

  15. Ramkripal Thakur

    This salt is different from whatsoever I have tried so far. My father was facing acidity issues and I gave a small crsytal of this salt to my father and he felt relieved.

  16. Shiv Rana

    I like that it is coming to us in a jar. I dissolved it in water and there were no insoluble particles in it which means this is a pure salt unlike other pink salts that have impurities.

  17. Swara Bisht

    I ordered this himalayan pink salt online to just try this product. But trust me after using this i am never gonna to use normal salt or any other brand salt. It’s pure and healthy. Most recommended product.

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