3 Reasons You Might Get Diabetes In The Future


Diabetes could be due to genetic reasons. Especially, Type 1 Diabetes cases are predominantly due to autoimmune disorders or genetic reasons. However, there are certain lifestyle changes and risk factors that determine the possibility of getting Diabetes, especially Type 2 Diabetes. If you want to stay on top of your health and figure out if you need a Diabetes test, read on to find out 3 reasons why you might get diabetes in the future. 



Carbohydrates are undoubtedly an important part of our diet. However, a diet that has excessive amounts of carbs can cause more harm than good. Carbs cause blood sugar level spikes as they essentially break down into sugar. Additionally, if you are also consuming a lot of sugar, you are putting your body at risk of getting diabetes. Hence, maintaining a balanced diet that takes into account all kinds of macro and micronutrients is very important.

It is possible to consume a healthy diet without making too many compromises. It can simply be done by replacing some of our daily diet staples with healthier alternatives. For instance, if you are a chapati lover, switching from wheat to finger millet can reduce your carb intake significantly. The earthy taste and crunchy texture of finger millet chapatis is the cherry on the cake. If you are a rice lover, switching to red rice from white rice will not only lower your carb intake but also provide you with an array of health benefits. 



Sugar immediately spikes up your blood sugar levels. Consuming high levels of sugar can hence reduce your body’s ability to regulate insulin effectively. Thus, you might be prone to getting Diabetes in the future.

Therefore, cutting down on sugar is also one of the key steps in preventing diabetes. It is best to avoid sweets and desserts every day. Consuming soda is also harmful to the body. A healthier drink like Sea Buckthorn juice could replace sugary drinks instead.

If you prefer hot beverages, there are a lot of different healthy herbal teas that you can include in your diet. Depending on the way you prepare them, they can be low calories and low sugar. Soe herbal teas with a lot of health benefits are chamomile tea, hibiscus tea, nettle tea, etc. 

Such healthy beverages can replace your sugary drinks. Hence, you will still be able to enjoy some sort of beverage with your meals, without exposing yourself to Diabetes. 



One of the biggest perpetrators of diabetes is a sedentary lifestyle. Regularly moving and exercising your body is very important. Lack of inactivity increases weight and insulin resistance. Thus, being inactive can predispose you to Type 2 Diabetes. 

The risk of diabetes is increased when you suffer from hormonal imbalances or cardiovascular diseases. Regular workouts will help you manage and prevent both of them. Hence, you will be able to protect yourself from diabetes.  

The biggest benefit of workout out regularly is its impact on insulin sensitivity. It increases the speed of our body’s receptivity to insulin changes. Therefore, your blood sugar levels are regulated. 


Since diet and workouts are such an important part of preventing diabetes, you must ensure that the products you use are pure and healthy as well. Him Shakti’s mission is to source pure products from remote Himalayan villages and make them accessible to their customers. At Him Shakti, you can get everything from finger millet flour to herbal teas and sea buckthorn juice. Buy Now! 


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This material, including advice, provides general information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult an expert or your doctor for more details.

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